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LillieKat’s collection includes one-of-a-kind modern, vintage, and antique rugs from around the world, including Turkey, Morocco, India, and Iran. Every rug in the collection is handpicked by our owner, Kristie Stewart, and has its own appeal and unique story. We keep a large selection of rugs in-stock and ready to ship, and new inventory arrives regularly.

Our rugs and textiles showcase a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and prints. From geometric to floral, neutral to bold, modern to vintage, our collection contains pieces that will ground and complement any type of room or design aesthetic. Handwoven from artisans around the globe, each collection has a distinguishable look and feel based on its place of origin, and can transform any space.

Oushak (or Ushak)

Oushak rugs originate from Usak, Turkey, and are recognizable by their distinct patterns and color palettes. Oushak rugs are highly sought after and timeless floor coverings.


Kilim flatweave rugs can be found across the globe, from the middle east to north Africa and Asia.


Originally from China, Khotan rugs combine Chinese details with Central Asian design schemes and Westen vivid coloring. They are extremely versatile and can function in both contemporary or traditional interiors.


These rugs are a small Anatolian pillow about three feet long by about one-half wide. They originate from Turkey.


Originating from the city of Konya in south-central Turkey, these rugs are distinguiesd by their beautiful colors and lustrous wool. They are the most sought after rugs of all the Turkish villages.


Rugs from Morocco are best known for their amazing color designs and bold geometric patterns.


From a city of southeastern Iran, Kerman rugs are the most recognized of the Persian rug category. They are prized for their floral or architectural design in the border and a medallion in the center.

*Please note that all of our rugs are one-of-a-kind and do not come in different sizes!


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