"Let's Talk Design" Series: Yancey Seibert Shearouse

"Let's Talk Design" Series: Yancey Seibert Shearouse

Influenced by the rich architectural history that surrounded her while growing up in Natchez—

perhaps one of the finest examples of a preserved antebellum town—Yancey pursued a degree in interior design at the University of Mississippi. Soon after, her work quickly garnered attention, and she was selected by Atlanta Decorative Arts Center as "One to Watch" and nominated for ADAC's "Rising Star" award.

Yancey’s strength lies in her unique design process, which always begins with on-the-spot hand drawn renderings, which allow clients to visualize a project from the very first meeting. Her knowledge of space planning and building construction combined with an expertise in art history also sets Yancey apart. Read about her “Signature 5 Points of Decorating” and get to know more about her early years here.

Out of the office, Yancey loves taking in the idyllic charms of Beaufort, South Carolina with her husband Scott, son Walker, daughter Caroline and Kate the Dog.


Describe your style in one sentence.

Fresh take on traditional design with a southern, irreverent wink. 

When purchasing for your home, where should one invest and where should one save?

Save on the pillows and what you don't see! Everyone wants new pillows and new lamps to solve their decorating problems. It won't work. Invest in the big items first. I encourage clients to work from the ground up. Rugs, furniture, lighting, art, and THEN the pillows! My second piece of advice is to decorate what you see. If you don't see it, don't spend money on it!

Your three go-to paint colors.

1. Benjamin Moore Decorator's White! It's a must for trim, and also my go-to for a fresh, white wall.
2. Benjamin Moore Winds Breath. It's a wonderful neutral that is light enough where you don't notice it, yet it provides enough contrast from the trim. 
3. A high gloss black. It can make a door pop, trim rock, and improve your credit score!

What advice would you give someone looking to define their design style?

You need to look good naked in your bedroom. You won't forget that one! But, it's true. The colors that look good on you should be in your house. This way, you won't get caught up in trends and won't grow tired. 

If you could take only one thing from your house, what would it be? 

My art. Each piece is tied to the memory of past travels or a special time in my life. My husband Scott and I were in New Orleans for our 5th anniversary when we found our Billy Solitario "Blue Crab".  It was not on the list but we couldn't not get it. Everyday it reminds me of that trip, crabbing at Camp Dockside and my family connection to New Orleans. 

Your go-to playlist at home?

Everything from The Rolling Stones, Widespread Panic, Chris Stapleton to classical.  

The best way to spend a weekend.

On the water with my family. We love to escape to Beaufort, SC. My favorite Saturdays start with turning off my cell phone, meeting friends on the sandbar, and ending with a glass of red wine while my husband does the cooking. 

Design rules

I have 5 signature rules that have guided me for over 20 years. 
    1. Decorate what you see. Spend your money where you spend your time.
    2. Don't put all your jewelry on at once. Every good idea can't be in one house.
    3. Do it once, and do it right. Good design takes patience.
    4. Shop in your house! Reimagine what you have.
    5. Look good in your bedroom naked. Your colors have to look good on you.

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