"Let's Talk Design" Series: Anne Pearson Hammett

"Let's Talk Design" Series: Anne Pearson Hammett

Anne Pearson Design is a full service interior design firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Anne Pearson Design is a full service interior design firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Anne's design philosophy centers around combining classic elements with updated and unique materials. Her goal is to create a collected and serene space that reflects her client's personality.

Anne earned her BA in English from the University of the South Sewanee, TN. In 2008 she earned a second BA in interior design from Queens College under the tutelage of accomplished Charlotte designer, Beverly Allen. Through her education and artistic eye she has been able to create calming and approachable interiors. Her organic approach to design is inspired by her clients' needs while incorporating her vision. Since 2008, she has blended her love of antiques with newer materials to create layered and elegant spaces.

Anne lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband Joel, two children, Thomas and Mary Collins, and her 2 cats Ella and Maddy.


How did you start your company and what’s your favorite part of what you do?

I went out on my own after obtaining my second degree in interior design. My first degree was English. I had been a fashion merchandiser before going back to school again which has definitely helped in the interior design field. My favorite part is working with my clients to create something custom and unique that reflects their sense of style:)

Describe your style in one sentence. 

My style is classic and collected.

When purchasing for your home, where should one invest and where should one save? 

Invest in cabinets but you can add a lot with paint colors. It doesn’t cost much to do painted cabinets in a custom color. For furnishings splurge on upholstered pieces however you can use a more expensive fabric for pillows which requires less fabric.

When designing a room, where’s the best place to start? 

I love starting a room with fabric, a rug or artwork. You can derive the color palate from any of these.

Your three go-to paint colors. 

Dover white (Sherwin Williams) white down (Benjamin Moore) I prefer warmer whites so both of these fit the bill clary sage (Sherwin Williams) I just did my kitchen cabinets in this color and I love it!!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Instagram, I love seeing what all my fellow designers are doing. I also love fabrics…they are always inspiring for color combinations.

Favorite places to shop for home accessories? 

I love vintage stores, antique stores, and thrift shops for unique items. They can really add patina to a home which every home needs to give it a collected feel.

What advice would you give someone looking to define their design style? 

Go with your gut. I am inspired by so many designers however I had to embrace I am more traditional and going super contemporary or modern just did not work for me. However even in a traditional space you can still incorporate contemporary art or some unique accessory. 

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