"Let's Talk Design" Series: Anna-Louise Wolfe

"Let's Talk Design" Series: Anna-Louise Wolfe

Anna-Louise Wolfe, Ltd. is a full-service fine interior design firm based in Atlanta, Georgia & Montgomery, Alabama.

Wolfe uses the architecture of the home and the clients' personality as the impetus behind her inspiration for her design schemes, while bringing it together as a personally curated look just for them and their lifestyle surrounded by things that they love.

Wolfe can also help you edit those items that you do not need in order to allow the pieces that are important you make a statement.  It is important to make your home a place that you want to be and be surrounded by things that make you happy. Having a pleasant home environment makes you feel better, at ease, more productive, and ultimately improves your quality of life! Wolfe will come to your home and assess your needs & changes you desire and then devise a plan on how to best achieve them according to the scale of the project. 

Describe your style in one sentence.

New Traditional, Fresh Traditional, Traditional with a twist, Grandmillenial 

When purchasing for your home, where should one invest and where should one save?

Never buy cheap upholstery; it doesn't last & looks terrible. Buy quality, made in North Carolina upholstery that will last forever and just recover in a new fabric in few years. I feel like it's all about the mix, so you can have quality upholstery mixed with some fine antiques, as well as pieces you find at an estate sale or from your family. You might find a great lamp at a flea market or Target but then put a nice shade on it. Use what you have, make the most of it, and, when purchasing new items for your home, I'd recommend buying quality but fewer pieces and then building on it throughout the years; it's like collecting :)


When designing a room, where’s the best place to start?

Every designer is different, but for me, it always begins with fabric! I start with my lead fabric and build the scheme from there.

What’s your advice when purchasing an investment rug?

Floor coverings are an investment. I try to explain to my clients that even "inexpensive" floor coverings are somewhat "expensive" because they have to be made to withstand the wear & tear of us walking on them everyday. Get a really great wool, hand knotted rug and then use a simple, natural fiber seagrass or sisal rug in other areas until your budget permits.


Your three go-to paint colors.

White Dove Benjamin Moore or Alabaster Sherwin Williams for whites, Strand of Pearls or Ballet White by Benjamin Moore for a light neutral, and Little Boy Blu Sherwin Williams. 

What design rule do you follow?

That there are no rules! Every person, space, and situation is different! If you stick with things you love though, you can't go wrong!


Favorite places to shop for home accessories?

Parc Monceau, Edgar Reeves, & Gramercy in Atlanta, Cottage Collection Antiques in Montgomery, Etsy, Replacements, & Williams Sonoma Home online, Estate Sales :)

If you could take only one thing from your house, what would it be?

Oh my goodness, so hard; I love all of my pretty things! So first, my dog, haha-- excluding living things, my grandmother's camelback sofa upholstered in Lee Jofa Hollyhock (shown above).


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