“Let’s Talk Design” Series: Mark Kennamer

“Let’s Talk Design” Series: Mark Kennamer

Mark Kennamer is a residential interior designer based in Birmingham, Alabama.

His passion for the home has turned into a thriving design firm with clients throughout the country. Mark is known for creating classic upscale interiors . He loves to mix beautiful antiques with modern art and lighting as well as layering gorgeous textiles and rugs. 


How did you start your company and what’s your favorite part of what you do?

​I started my business in 2004 with one client who I met at my previous job at Table Matters. My business really evolved from there. (We are still working together today, 17 years later) 


Describe your style in one sentence. 

Classic, eclectic, refined all while keeping my client's lifestyle in mind.

When purchasing for your home, where should one invest and where should one save? 

I always suggest investing in antiques, beautiful rugs and fine upholstery. Accessories are one easy way to save money and still make a big impact in a space. 


When designing a room, where’s the best place to start? 

It all depends on the space but an inspiration fabric or wallpaper is always a good place, a piece of art you love or of course a beautiful rug. 


What’s your advice when purchasing an investment rug?

Know the age and history of what you are purchasing. 


Your three go-to paint colors.

​Benajmin Moore Swiss coffee, Farrow and Ball Elephants Breath, Benjamin Moore Kennebunkport Green 


What design rule do you follow? 

Never been much for rules 

Where do you find your inspiration? 

At the lake or beach...being around any body of water  

Favorite places to shop for home accessories? 

MCJ Company, Table Matters, and the Henhouse antiques. 

What advice would you give someone looking to define their design style? 

Do what make you happy and use the things you love. 



If you could take only one thing from your house, what would it be? 

Other than my pets, my Kim Schuessler painting in my living room. I bought it 16 years ago from Monty Stabler gallery and it is still one of my favorite things in my home. 


Your go-to playlist at home? 

Luke Bryan radio on Pandora 

The best way to spend a weekend. 

A friend of mine and I bought a lake house on Smith Lake 7 years ago and it is my happy place. I love every weekend there no matter what time of year. 

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